Diving from Poole

Poole has been a welcoming port for divers over many decades. It offers sheltered waters and a diversity of sea life that attracts customers from all parts of the UK. We are supported by an impressive dive centre, offering sales and servicing. Quay side, we have easy loading and secure parking. Poole has no tidal restriction, so ropes off + travel time is when we leave.

Wrecks diving from Poole

Poole has no shortage of war or peace time ship wrecks. Many of these wrecks are a short distance from port making Poole ideally placed as a premier UK diving venue. We visit wreck sites daily from 15-80m and offer full and part boat charters. A few of our most popular dive sites, along with their depth are listed below. If you require more information on any listed, or would like information on others please contact us.

  • SS Aparima 5704 Tons Depth 40
  • SS Hartley 2147 Tons Depth 40
  • SS Betsy Anna 880 Tons Depth 25
  • SS Mendi 4229 Tons Depth 40
  • SS Dumfries 5149 Tons Depth 57
  • HM Sub Upstart 648 Tons Depth 38
  • SS Eveleigh 5222 Tons Depth 40
  • Valentine Tanks 50 Tons Depth 14
  • MV Guernsey Coast 646 Tons Depth 63
  • Venezuela Tons 730 Tons Depth 27

Scenic dives from Poole

Poole bay provides a wonderfully safe anchorage, with sheltered scenic drift dives like, Poole Rocks. This area of fossilised forest, pays host to a diversity of marine life, and offers fabulous photography opportunities at 5-15m depth. Heading West we follow the Jurassic coast, pass Old Harry Rocks, and into Swanage Bay. Here you can enjoy long slow drifts with an abundance of rays and cuttlefish. Further along the coast, our dive focuses on scallops, lobsters and brown crabs.

Sea Horses of Poole

Poole is home to several different types of Sea Horse. They frequent eel grass, often in depth of less than three meters. We can offer you a chance to see these creatures, close up with cameras ready.

Barbecue lunch aboard

All our day dive charters include use of our on board barbecue. We are also happy to cook fresh fish and scallops, that are collected during the day. We often invite non divers aboard, who come along to enjoy the company, and a have a great day afloat.


The deposit per charter is £100.00, payable at the time of booking. Please contact us on 07516 510 695 or email info@fishingpoole.com to discuss your charter and when you have received confirmation of your provisional booking by phone or email use the button below make your deposit payment. Charters are not fully reserved until the full deposit payment is received.

Payment for your charter deposit of £100 or other amount can be made using the PayPal button below. Click the button and enter the amount you wish to pay in the item price box on the PayPal screen then click update to show the amount to pay. You can then choose your payment method.